C&G Baits

With over 30 years of carp fishing experience behind him and a keen interest in bait composition and carp feeding patterns, Charlie England, Managing Director of C&G Baits, after working exclusively and in conjunction with one of the country’s leading flavour development companies, is launching this new and exciting logo-fit4purpose range of frozen baits.

All are made using highly active aroma compounds, fresh eggs, fresh ingredients, additives, feed stimulants and each made with a very different and tailor made base mix.

To compliment the range of hookbaits also available are:

  • Matching hand rolled cork ball pop-ups, using exactly the same mix as for the respective hookbait
  • PVA friendly dips
  • Aroma and flavour enhancing sprays (on specific baits)

All tried and tested with outstanding results on both specimen waters and commercial fisheries.


Loyalty Bonus

If you have a photo published in any carp magazine which mentions being caught on C&G Baits please send us a copy of the photo at info@candgbaits.com along with your name and address and choice of bait and we will send you 5 kilos, dip, pop-ups and spray absolutely free of charge.

Coming Later This Year…

The Legacy, currently being tested in ‘two tones’ of colour. A highly aromatic bait, made from a traditional 50/50 mix, but with an extremely effective twist. In two colours, hazelnut and violet, we have high hopes for this all year round offering. Will come with a dip, pop-ups and an enhancing spray.

About C&G Baits…

Charlie England has been carp fishing for nearly 30 years. He came third in the 2002 BCAC Final, his first year of entry, and has a PB of just under 60lbs.

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